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Workshop on Kashmir at National Defence University


A two-day international workshop titled ‘Kashmir: Looking Beyond the Peril’ is scheduled for January 27 and 28 at the National Defence University (NDU), says a press release.
The workshop is organised by the Institute for Strategic Studies Research and Analysis (ISSRA) as part of its research programme. The exercise, designed in a conflict transformation mode, will be participated by scholars and experts from across the globe.
The guest speakers would include academia from both sides of the divide in Jammu and Kashmir and from India. Speakers will be arriving from Australia, USA, Britain, China, Turkey and the Middle East. A matching number of scholars from within the country will also be speaking on the occasion.
The conceptual framework of the workshop underlines that Kashmir holds key to securing peace and harmony in South Asia and beyond. The unresolved dispute runs in tandem with a nuclearised environment and therefore, serves as a warner against any flashpoint.

A spokesman of the organisers, when asked to elaborate, opined “The one-fifth of humanity living in this region has long awaited a conflict-free setting that would move the wheel of economic growth and bring prosperity. It is therefore, important that scholars and experts renew search for approaches to a peaceful and viable solution, consistent with the Kashmiri people’s aspirations.”
The academic exercise is structured in three plenary and four concurrent breakout sessions. The plenaries envisage brainstorming on: (a) human dynamics in the Kashmir situation; (b) need for a solution in the backdrop of people’s aspirations, nuclear responsibility and economic growth; (c) approaches to unknotting the issue. Further to this, the concurrent academic sessions will deal with: CBMs and beyond; Kashmir as a connector for economic rejuvenation in the region; non-traditional security challenges and role of media in the conflict.The news.

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