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1. Which of the following countries are in conflict with India on water sharing issue?
a. Pakistan

b. Bangladesh

c. Nepal

d. All of them

2. Just after partition, when did India cut off Pakistan’s water supply without notice thus creating drought like condition?
a. February, 1948

b. March, 1948

c. April 1948

d. May, 1948

3. To solve water crises Indus Water Treaty was signed in 1960 under which who was to act as guarantor of this Treaty?
a. World Bank

b. IMF

c. Security Council

d. None of them


4. Indus Water Treaty is primarily a bilateral treaty with the world bank being?
a. Guarantor

b. Signatory

c. Witness

d. None of them

5. Indus Water Treaty allows India the right to hydroelectric power generation from the western rivers but only by run off river installing without affection or building ____________.
a. Volume of water

b. Direction of water

c. Storage capacities

d. All of them


6. On which river Baglihar Dam is being constructed by Indians, violating the Indus Water Treaty?
a. Jhelum

b. Sutluj

c. Chenab

d. Ravi

7. Which of the following was the major points of concern for Pakistan which was / were raised by Pakistan on Baglihar issue?
a. Run of the river plant do not require a high dam of 475 feet

b. The calculation of ‘poundage’ and ‘firm powers’ in design is inconsistent with Indus Water Treaty

c. The gates were not designed at the highest level as required by Indus water treaty

d. All of them

8. Despite the signing of Indus Water Treaty which other dispute emerged in 1985?
a. Kishanganga project

b. Wullar Berrage

c. Uri-ll

d. Pakal Dul Dam

9. Kishanganga hydroelectric power project is another violation of Indian Water Treaty. This project is nearing completion with a 22 km tunnel to divert the water of Neelum, river to Wuller Barrage. Neelum river is an integral part of ____________.
a. Chanab

b. Jhelum

c. Ravi

d. Sutluj

10. Kishanganga project contravenes the Indus water treaty because it is being built on river Neelum to divert its water to Wullar Barrage and impacts.
a. Flow of the water in the river

b. Pakistan prior right for its proposed 969 MW Neelum Jhelum hydropower project

c. Both of them

d. None of them

11. A dam on river Jhelum before the Wullar lake can destroy which of the following canal systems in Pakistan?
a. Lower basic Doab

b. Upper Chanab

c. Upper Jhelum

d. All of them

12. India started the construction of Wullar Barrage in the year ___________.
a. 1982

b. 1984

c. 1983

d. 1986

13. Apprehensions of Pakistan about the construction of Wullar Barrage were:
a. India can create a drought and flood condition in Pakistan

b. In case of military confrontation India can control the mobility of Pakistan forces

c. Control of water can destroy Pakistan’s canal system

d. All of them


14. When Pakistan referred the Wullar Barrage dispute to Indus Water Commission, which unfortunately failed to resolve the matter?
a. 1985

b. 1987

c. 1986

d. 1988

15. Indian Ministry of Power has announced another dam on river Jhelum in clear violation of Indus water treaty. The dam is called
a. Pakal Dul Dam

b. Burser Dam

c. Uri-ll

d. All of them

16. Another proposed dam on Chenab river in violation of Indus Water Treaty is called ____________.
a. Pakal Dul Dam

b. Kishangenga Dam

c. Uri-ll

d. None of them

17. Baglihar dam if completed would effect Pakistan’s irrigation water supply especially in Rabi crop season adversely. In winter season it is apprehended that Pakistan may be deprived of water to the tune of _____.
a. 28%

b. 15%

c. 20%

d. 35%

18. After prolonged unsuccessful discussions when did Pakistan Commissioner Indus Water asked for the appointment of a neutral expert to resolve Baglihar issue?
a. May, 2002

b. May, 2001

c. May, 2003

d. May, 2000

19. In order to lure Pakistan into accepting the construction of Baglihar dam what offer was made by Indian government?
a. Inspection of dam wili be allowed

b. Dam height will be reduced for 475 feet

c. Pakistan can share 450 M/W of power with India

d. All of them

20. The construction of controversial gate structure of Baglihar could deprive Pakistan of more than _______.
a. 5000 cusecs

b. 6000 cusecs

c. 7000 cusecs

d. 8000 cusecs

21. The world bank appointed in May 2005 a neutral expert to resolve Baglihar dam who was neutral expert?
a. Raymond Lafitte

b. Rums John

c. Joh F. Tarren

d. Lord Morse

22. Raymond Lafitte belongs to which country?
a. Itlay

b. France

c. Switzerland

d. USA


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