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Villagers call for Reopening of Closed Schools


A large number of villagers took out a procession and held a demonstration in Jacobabad on Sunday in protest against rampant lawlessness and closure of schools in their areas.
The protesters who had arrived in the town from the villages of Mataro Khan Jakhrani, Sher Dil Khan Thaheem, Zareefo Khan Jakhrani and Nek Muhammad Khoso of Garhi Khero taluka marched on roads before staging a demonstration on the Rato Dero–Jacobabad road.
The protesters’ leaders Kashmir Khan Jakhrani, Sardar Abdul Nabi Khan Thaheem and Manzoor Khan Jakhrani said that education system had crumbled in their areas and a large number of schools had stopped functioning due to rampant lawlessness.
The innocent children who should have books in their hands and indulged in healthy sports were taking interest in weapons because of schools’ closure, they said.
It was not a good sign, they said and feared, the uneducated and therefore unemployed youth would join the ranks of criminals.
They said that in Garhi Khero taluka outlaws kidnapped people in broad daylight, robbed villagers and escaped easily without any action by police and the administration who were instead often found supporting the criminals.
They accused DSP Nabi Shah Waggon of being corrupt and supporting outlaws who took advantage of the potholed and bumpy Jacobabad-Ratodero road which had not been repaired for seven years to intercept slow moving vehicles and rob and kidnap people.
They demanded the chief minister, speaker of Sindh Assembly and elected public representatives of the area to order reopening of the closed schools and the building of new ones in their villages and repair of the road to promote education and discourage crimes.Dawn.

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