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1. Which resolution demarcated boundaries between the two territories, included creed as part of Sindh?
a. (a) Resolution of 1914 signed between government of Sindh and Maharaj Rao of Kutch
b. Resolution of 1925 signed between Sindh government and Maharaj Rao of Kutch
c. Both of them
d. None of them

2. The resolution of 1914 demarcated the boundaries between the two territories, included the Creek as part of Sindh thus setting the boundary as the _____________.
a. Western Flank of he creek
b. Eastern Flank of the Creek
c. Southern Flank of the Creek
d. Northern Flank of the Creek

3. The boundary line which include the creek in Sindh is known as?
a. Blue line
b. Green line
c. Red line
d. Yellow line

4. Before falling into sea river forms a delta which makes the river a narrow inlet channel of water on the coast which is called creek, Pakistan lays claim to the entire creek whereas India, sticks to its position that the boundaries lies?
a. Mid channel
b. Entire creek
c. Entire creek and some dry area
d. None of them

5. India supports its stance by citing Thelveg Doctrine in international law which states the rivers boundaries between two states are divided by
a. The delta concentration
b. The bond of river
c. The mid channel
d. All of them

6. Pakistan maintains that the doctrine is not applicable in the case as it only applies to bodies of water that are ___________.
a. Navigable
b. Not Navigable
c. Partially Navigable
d. Mostly Navigable

7. This disputed region became the centre of attention when India shot down a Pakistani surveillance plane killing all 16 on board on _______________.
a. 18th September, 1999
b. 15 the October, 1993
c. 10th August, 1999
d. 21st November, 1999

8. When the Run of Kutch arbitration took place?
a. 1947
b. 1968
c. 1960
d. 1965

9. When a verdict under the arbitration was reached which saw Pakistan getting 10% of its claim of 9000 sq. km?
a. 1966
b. 1967
c. 1968
d. 1969

10. The dispute lies in the interpretation of the line between Runn of kutch and Sindh as depicted in _______.
a. 1914 map
b. 1925 map
c. both of them
d. None of them

11. What is the total length of Sir Greek?
a. 35 miles
b. 45 miles
c. 55 miles
d. 60 miles

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