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Sindh University Admin Contradicts The Allegation of Violence Leveled


Jamshoro:Sindh University Registrar Ghulam Mohammad Bhutto has contradicted the allegations leveled against law enforcement agencies personnel by a group of student leaders belonging to a banned organization and held them responsible for the situation that prevailed on the campus on Thursday, saying the student leaders in the name of a protest rally fired shots at the law enforcement agencies personnel standing there in order to ensure the law and order situation in the varsity but the cops did not turn violent and they tried to disperse the furious students by lobbing teargas shells.
Rejecting the allegation regarding its failure to resolve the issues of students, the Registrar said that the students had been provided with all the necessary facilities including free internet in the hostel rooms. He claimed that there were no any such demands that were not met. Despite, a group of students belonging to a banned organization came out of hostels possessing arms and tried to create pandemonium and chaos amongst the peaceful students by shutting the main door of hostels making them hostage in order to sabotage the ongoing classes and peaceful academic environment on the campus. Thus they opened fires at the Police & Rangers. It said that the Rangers personnel lobbed teargas only in a bid to disperse the student leaders and outsiders who were firing shots at the cops.
He further said that Junaid Khoso was arrested after he was found firing shots with a pistol indiscriminately. It said the law and order would be maintained on the campus at any cost and the outsiders will not be allowed to enter and lead any illegal rally in the university to deteriorate the peaceful environment.
According to Ghulam Mohammad Bhutto, since the JSMM is a banned organization, its members could not be allowed to hold a rally in the varsity to spoil the academic & research activities.
He said: some antagonists of education don’t want Sindh University to progress in the field of higher education and they once again tried to annihilate the university in an attempt to get their personal interests.
The Registrar however appealed to the education-friendly people, civil society & peaceful national parties to intercept the ways of those elements who are against the pleasant environment, nonviolent academic activities of the university and development of the youths seeking higher education on the campus.
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