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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro – A Great Improvement in Technology

Targeted for the business consumer segment, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is the latest addition to the Tablet Market of smart devices. Having a 12.2- inch size, it is a multifaceted gadget with numerous commendable features and components. Fit for all kinds of users it is set in the premium high-end market of this segment. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Salient Features
Some of the prominent features of this device include the following:

· Size:
The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is fairly large sized compared to other similar gadgets in the tablet industry. The entire bezel is not only big but it makes the screen the most prominent feature when you look at it.

· Weight:
It is light weighed grossing a maximum 750 grams not making difficult for users to handle it for a long period of use. Having a spread over weight with balanced sides, it allows both hands to develop a good and strong grip.

· Body Design:
The body is similar to its predecessor models and has a plastic feel to it. Currently available in black and white versions only it is robust, slick and stylish but vulnerable to high pressures and accidental falls.

· Screen:
The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro has the most amazing screen resolution of 2560X1600 pixels, which makes it stand out in front of its counterparts in the android and tablet industry. It boasts a 12.2- inch WQXGA panel with excellent picture quality for both business utility and multimedia playbacks. Compared to Samsung’s previous models, it has a much sharper contrast, better brighter graphics and a wonderful color visibility.

Programs, Applications and Performance Features

Following are some of the attractive built-in features of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro:

· Simultaneous activity:
This device has the capability to run 4 or more applications simultaneously on one screen allowing users to leverage from the multitasking feature.

· Magazine UX:
This is a newly introduced user interface that has the added features of both android and Windows 8 together. Targeted to the business users in general it has a user-friendly approach with convenient and useful interactive panels to easily navigate and work with various applications at the same time.

· S – Pen:
The integration of the technically advanced S pen helps you navigate through various applications with ease and convenience and the S view system makes jumping in and out from programs easier.

· PC-Esque Virtual Keyboard:
Because it is targeted to business users, provision of a virtual keyboard with the added feature of shortcut keys is very useful.

· Computing Capabilities:
Computing capabilities include a quad core 800 processor with a mega 3GB RAM. It is high speed with minimum hang-ups and storage capabilities of 32GB or 64GB according to the needs of the user.

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