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Roots Millennium School Olympiad 2014


The Olympiad 2014 is on at the Roots Millennium School (RMS), I-9/3 Campus, says a press release.
The four-day event is being participated by 1,500 plus participants from over 100 schools and 10 cities. They will take part in exciting competitions, including live art, debating, dramatics, chess, gaming, table tennis, wall climbing, photo essay, fashion, filmmaking, singing, law moot court, creative writing and dance.
The opening ceremony was presided over by Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy Jesper Moller Sorensen and Roots Millennium Schools Director Anna Faisal.
Ambassador Jesper Moller Sorensen, in his address, appreciated the initiative of students and encouraged the young people of Pakistan to become the agents of change through engagement in student initiatives at national and international forums.
The ceremony included words of encouragement by RMS CEO Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq, who emphasised on the need for engagement of students in extracurricular activities as a means of holistic development of students into educated and intellectually-developed individuals and professionals.
The standard of the Law Moot Court exceeded expectations. I was amazed to see how critically students analysed situations and picked out facts,” stated the judge of the mock trial.
A group of students claimed that the gaming competition comprised the most cutthroat matches in Islamabad.
The fashion judges as well as the audience present at the fashion show expressed amazement at the highly developed aesthetical skills of the participating students. “They are all such quick learners and have self-confidence, it is an absolute delight to shoot them,” said the fashion photographer capturing images of the fashion show. An evening of entertainment and music was also held for the participants.The news.

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