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Roots International School Celebrate German Art and Craft Day


The German Art and Craft Day was celebrated in campuses of the Roots International School (RIS) on Wednesday.
On the occasion, an exhibition of German art and craft was held. Students exhibited their paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art that represented the German culture.
The day provided an excellent chance to the students to exhibit their creative works. They prepared jewellery items like bracelets, necklaces, headbands and anklets in red, black and yellow colours for the exhibition. Some students prepared badges and flags of Germany for the exhibition and mostly brought German food at their stalls. The exuberant Rootsians were ready to impress their teachers and fellows with their crafts. The students participated and performed with vehemence and delight building the strong ties of warmth and compassion between the two states.
Roots International Schools CEO Walid Mushtaq said, “Art and its various components are an integral part of every culture. It is our responsibility to bring the students in contact with the diverse cultural traits in existence”.
The day brought back the pleasant memories of the celebration of German Unification Day at RIS in which Ambassador of Germany Cyrill Nunn said, “Being at Roots International is just like being in Germany”.The news.

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