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Pashto Mushaira in Islamia College University Peshawar


A grand Pashto mushaira or poetry recital session arranged on Wednesday to promote and advocate peace reflected the miserable condition of the people dislocated from hometowns and the bad impacts of war on the Pakhtun society.
The mushaira was attended by poets from Afghanistan and Quetta apart from different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Almost all of the 26 poets pleaded peace in their verses and expressed the wish that peace and normalcy return to the region. Tears rolled down the cheeks of participants as senior poet and Department of Pashto chairman at the Islamia College University, Abaseen Yousufzai, recited a poem reflecting the life of a scavenger refugee boy.
Actually, the poem is my expression of the time when a barefoot boy knocked at my door in a chilly morning, asking for a piece of bread. It was the war that snatched from that innocent boy the right of education, playing and passing a comfortable life like other children of his age. This is not the war of Pakhtuns who have been suffering it for decades but a conspiracy to eliminate our history, culture, customs and economy,” he said.
Eminent poetess and broadcaster Haseena Gul’s verses also echoed the bad impacts of war on the society and the desire of peace that once prevailed in the region. Some of the poets through their verses held aliens responsible for the war imposed on Pakhtuns and called for promoting peace and tolerance.
Afghan poetess Pukhtana Shinwari’s revolutionary poem was the reflection of war impacts on her people and destruction of values in her country.
Prof Dawar Khan Daud, Dr Ahmad Ali Aajiz, Dr Javed Khalil, Said Wali Khyal Mohmand, Khalilur Rahman Khalil, Asmat Surani, Rehmat Shah Lehaz, Shaukat Yusufzai, Inamullah Gran, Naqeeb Ahmad Jan, Riaz Afridi, Jalal Khalil, Wisal Khattak, Prof Aslam Taseer, Waris Khan Nayab, Ayub Sarhadi, Sajid Jarrak, Najib Nangial, Tiazullah Zgham, Akhtar Nangial and Huma Zafar were also present.

Director Culture Mehmud Khan, in his address as chief guest, appreciated the efforts of the Centre for Excellence and Rural Development (CERD) and Refugee Affected & Hosting Areas (Raha) programme for arranging the function and said every effort for peace deserves encouragement.

He said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture Directorate was promoting culture and literary activities. He said poets were playing vital role in moulding the public opinion. He said they shoulder more responsibilities in the prevailing situation to guide the nation, especially the younger generation.
Abaseen Yousufzai, in his presidential address, said Pakhtuns were peaceful people and they never resorted to aggression against others but defeated with full force those who attacked them. He said the ongoing militancy in the region is a conspiracy against the Pakhtuns to destroy their history and culture. However, he said that no effort against Pakhtuns and their culture across the border would succeed.The news.

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