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Oxford University Press Pirated Books Seized in Gulshan


Karachi:March 01:Around 96 pirated copies of books published by the Oxford University Press were recovered after a raid at the Mamdani Booksellers, situated within the remits of Aziz Bhatti police station in Gulshan-e-Iqbal East Zone.
Out of the recovered books around 38 were from the Oxford textbook series including New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan, Oxford History for Pakistan, Urdu ka Guldasta, Nardban-e-Urdu, New Oxford Primary Science and Amazing Science.
The Aziz Bhatti police arrested the shop owner’s brother, Razzaq, while an FIR was lodged under sections 66A and 66B of the Copyright Act and 420 of the Pakistan Penal Code.
Such infringements on intellectual property rights cause heavy losses to the publishing industry on one hand, whereas on a larger scale, authors, poets, musicians, and intellectuals of our society have their livelihoods threatened. Furthermore, parents and pupils are cheated into buying sub-standard and pirated books.The news.

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