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NUST Fiery Debating At NIMUN 14


Islamabad:Anticipation level rises as debates heat up in NIMUN’14.
NUST International Model United Nations, the four day mega debating event entered its second day, here at NUST. The delegates were highly enthusiastic about the committee sessions and the response was highly encouraging.
The delegates debated upon a number of topics regarding the Millennium Development Goals which is the theme of the Model United Nations this year.
Naela Chohan, former ambassador and feminist artist was the guest speaker at two of the committee sessions and received a very warm welcome from the participants. She talked about the issues faced by women around the world.
The committee sessions continued from 9 to 5 with a two hour break in between the two sessions.
The day ended with a fun filled social event ‘Lok Jo Melo’ where the delegates enjoyed a variety of foods and rides.

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