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LG’s Curved TV – A Great Innovative Pace

In today’s fast changing world where technology is making improvements in every aspect of life, entertainment is an industry that is evolving rapidly and generating products that were even hard to imagine some years ago. LG’s Curved OLED TV can truly be said to be one of these products. Unlike conventional semi-flat or flat screen TVs, it is bent inwards. This revolutionary curved feature is said to provide the viewers with picture quality that would be better than ever.

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LG’s first OLED Curved TV has been launched recently. Unlike traditionally used synthetic LED, OLED is an organic material and it starts to glow with the passage of electric current through it. By passing the light through filters it provides stunning high definition images. OLED also helps minimize the weight and thickness of TV and it is said to be ultra-thin (no thicker than a pencil).

OLED has the ability to turn off individual pixels that reproduce each color truly. This TV has a new feature called four-color pixel technology. According to LG, this technology adds white color sub-pixels to the normal RGB (red, green & blue) which reproduces more bright and accurate colors. OLED makes the picture crystal clear from virtually every angle. LG OLED Curved TV has infinite contrast that gives a life-like experience to its viewers. This TV comes with TFT technology that improves color resolution and prevents color leakage.

The unique design of LG OLED Curved TV makes it elegant and blends it into your interior. It has a light weight carbon fiber frame that is more heat resistant than aluminum and lighter than conventional plastic.

Like the other smart TVs it also has multiple connectivity options like USB, HDMI, LAN, Head phone, Digital Audio Output, etc. and according to LG company its transparent stand creates the illusion of floating images. And its five “LG Clear Speakers” provide powerful sound. It has a “Magic Remote” that has voice, wheel, gesture and universal control characteristics. LG claims that this TV has a 100 times faster response time than its own manufactured LCD/LED TVs and this feature reduces blurriness in fast scenes.
Finally, it would not be wrong to say that this TV will surely affect traditional TV manufacturing manners but in the meantime its price tag forces a person to have some second thoughts. If your budget is tight right now then it is better to wait for some time so that its upcoming models would have resolved the issues that appear initially in the current model.

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