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1. Which is the biggest fresh water lake n the world?

(a) ChilkaLake

(b) CaspianLake

(c) DalLake

(d) Lake Superior


2. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

(a) Titicaca

(b) Victoria

(c) Baikal

(d) Superior


3. Which is the Largest Lake in Africa?

(a) Chad

(b) Nyasa

(c) Victoria

(d) Tanganyika


4. Where is Lake Superior, the largest fresh-water lake in the world located?

(a) USA

(b) Brazil

(c) Russia

(d) None of these


5. A cataract is a

(a) Huge waterfall

(b) A marshy creek

(c) A mountain pass

(d) Currency


6. HamunMaskhelLake present in Balochistan plateau. It is lake of

(a) Fresh water

(b) Hard water

(c) Sail water

(d) None of these


7. The Great Bear Lake is situated in

(a) North America

(b) Canada

(c) Siberia

(d) None of these


8. Sinkhole lakes are common in

(a) New York (USA)

(b) Florida (USA)

(c) Michigan (USA)

(d) Virginia (USA)


9. The world’s highest lake is

(a) LakeBaikaf, Asia

(b) Lake Titicaca, South America

(c) LakeComo, Europe

(d) CaspianLake


10. Total number of great lakes of USA and Canada are

(a) Four

(b) Seven

(c) Five

(d) Three


11. Oxbow lakes are more common in

(a) USA

(b) Germany

(c) Pakistan

(d) Canada


12. HannaLake is situated near

(a) Peshawar

(b) Quetta

(c) Kaghan

(d) Istamabad


13. Churchill water fall is present in

(a) Canada

(b) England

(c) USA

(d) France


14. TroutoLake is present in

(a) USA

(b) Canada

(c) France

(d) China


15. Lake Tana is present in

(a) Ethiopia

(b) Kenya

(c) Ghana

(d) USA


16. Which of the following lake is most polluted take in the world?

(a) Lake mead

(b) Lake Victoria

(c) Huron

(d) Lake Erie


17. Tugela water fall is present in

(a) Venezuela

(b) South Africa

(c) Canada

(d) USA


18. Utigardsfossen water fall is present in

(a) Canada

(b) USA

(c) France

(d) Norway

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