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Karachi University Pak-USAID Merit And Needs Based Scholarship Program


Karachi:The Pak-USAID Merit and Needs based Scholarship Program Phase-II is focused on providing
opportunities for access to higher education especially to under privileged candidates who, despite
possessing academic merit, are unable to finance their education. The scholarship is not restricted to
tuition only, but extends to accommodation and living expenses.
The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved the program at a total
cost of Rs. 2,954.808 million in its meeting held on 6th September 2013. The Project is funded by
Government of United States of America as Grant in Aid.
The Phase-I of the program was initiated in 2004 at eleven (11) universities with scope of 1807
scholarships. It is the pride of the program that all the scholarships are awarded, 94 percent of the
scholarship recipients had graduated in the semester they expected to graduate.
Program Objectives:
• To enable the academically qualified, yet financially needy, Pakistani students to continue university
studies in selected private and public universities of Pakistan in the fields of Agriculture, Medical,
Business, Social Science and Engineering
• To enhance the institutional capacity of the Higher Education Commission of the Government of
Pakistan and local public and private sector universities in designing and implementing MNBSP Phase II
Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships:
1. The applicant must be a Pakistani/AJK National
2. Financial assistance & scholarships are available for study at undergraduate & graduate level in
the following disciplines at the selected 29 Pakistani universities and degree awarding institutions.
a. Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences
b. Business Administration
c. Social Sciences
d. Engineering & Tech.
e. Medical Note:
I. Agricultural (incl. Veterinary Sciences and Bio Technology)
II. Social Sciences includes (Peace &Conflict Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics,
Linguistics, Law, Communication and Media studies, International Relations, and Psychology)
III. 50% Female Seats: Women’s participation in the education sector is very low. This activity will
ensure that at least 50% of the awarded scholarships go to women, especially those coming from
remote and vulnerable areas of Pakistan, who are financially needy, and meet admission criteria
of the selected 29 partner universities 3. Students need to compete for securing admission in the approved discipline at the participating
institution as per admission policy of the institution and be enrolled in Undergraduate (4 and 5 ) and
Graduate (2 Years and 3.5 years) programs
4. Only those students who are enrolled in first semester/ professional year in the respective
courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply
5. The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by
the financial background of his/her family
Comprehensive scholarship offered under this program provides funds for the following expenses:
Tuition Fee
Other Academics Costs
Students applying for admission and financial assistance will fill out both the applications and submit the
form to the University Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office respectively.
For more information, please visit the official web site of Institute

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