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1. When the Tehran Nuclear Research centre (TNRC) was founded under the auspices of the US?
a. 1965
b. 1966
c. 1967
d. 1968

2. When did Iran sign NPT?
a. August 15, 1969
b. November 5, 1968
c. July 1,1968
d. June 15, 1967

3. When did Iranian government award a contract to a German company to construct a 1200 MW reactor at Bushehr?
a. 1972
b. 1973
c. 1971
d. 1974

4. The Nuclear Technology Centre at Esfahan was founded in mid 1970 s with the assistance of _________.
a. Germany
b. France
c. England
d. USA

5. Only seven month before Islamic revolution the final draft of the US. Iran nuclear energy agreement was signed under which US government was to sell to Iranian government?
a. 4 reactors
b. 6 reactors
c. 7 reactors
d. 8 reactors

6. Prime minister Mehdi Bazergan decided that Iran did not need nuclear energy and therefore the work at Bushehr was halted in _________.
a. January ,1978
b. February, 1979
c. April, 1978
d. June, 1977

7. When did Iran sign a contract with the Russian ministry of atomic energy to finish the reactor at Bushehr?
a. March, 1996
b. April, 1997
c. January, 1995
d. May, 1995

8. Since when US government is claiming that Iran is building nuclear weapon in violation of NPT?
a. 2002
b. 2001
c. 2003
d. 2004

9. In order to satisfy the world, when did Iran suspend voluntarily and temporarily its uranium programme?
a. 14th November, 2004
b. 10th December, 2004
c. 25th August 2004
d. 15th October 2003

10. Being disappointed with the world behavior when did Iran resum uranium enrichment programme at Esfahan facility?
a. 10th August, 2005
b. 15th September, 2004
c. 15th November 2005
d. None of them

11. When did US government charge Iran with building sophisticated facilities at Natanz and several other cities that would eventually produce enriched uranium?
a. February 9, 2003
b. February 21, 2003
c. February 27, 2003
d. February 19, 2003

12. When did Ayatollah Khomeini revived Iran’s uranium enrichment programme?
a. 1983
b. 1982
c. 1984
d. 1985

13. The international atomic energy agency (IAEA) has regularly inspected all the Iran’s declared nuclear facilities, reports that it is:
a. Not in compliance with the NPT
b. In full compliance with the NPT
c. Partially in compliance with the NPT
d. None of the above.

14. The Security Council of United Nations enforced sanction on Iran on __________.
a. 20th December 2006
b. 23rd December 2006
c. 26th December 2006
d. 28th December 2006

15. In March 2009 Iran announced plans to open the tourism which nuclear power plant as a way to highlight their peaceful nuclear intentions?
a. Bushehr nuclear power plant
b. Isfahan nuclear power plant
c. Anarak nuclear power plant
d. Natanz nuclear power plant

16. On 9 April 2009, Iran’s National Day of Nuclear Technology, the country claimed to be operating how many centrifuges?
a. 5000
b. 6000
c. 7,000
d. 8000


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