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Idioms And Phrase With A

All in all

The principal is all in all in the college.


All and sundry

He invited all and sundry to attend the function for celebration of his marriage.


A bone of contention

The division of property has become a bone of contention.


Absent minded

Some boys always remain absent minded in class


A red letter day

The 14 august is a letter day for us.


A bed of roses

Life is not a bed of roses, it is a bed of thorns.


A big shot:

An army is a big shot in our country.


A rainy day:

We must buy something for the rainy day.


A wild goose chase:

He realized too late that he was on a wild goose chase.


A burning:

The Kashmir issue is a burning question for Pakistan.


A black sheep:

Aslam is a black sheep in our class.


A man of letters:

The principal of 3 S.M. College is a man of letters.


A snake in the grass:

Please beware of him. He is the snake in the grass.


At all costs:

At all costs, I shall buy a house this year.


At all events:

At all events, I will go abroad next year.


At any rate:

You must attend the meeting at any rate.


At eleventh hour:

He came to attend the party at the eleventh hour.


At sixes and sevens:

When I visited my house, I found all things at sixes and sevens.


An axe to grind:

Everybody in our country has an axe to grind in every matter.


At home in:

Mr. Bilal Ahmed, The Assistant Professor of our college is quite at home in chemistry.


A chillies heels:

As a team they’re strong on attack but they have a weak defense that might prove to be a chillies heel.

A bold from the blue:

The news of my brother’s came to me as a bold from the blue.


A narrow escape:

I had a narrow escape in the accidence.


At large:

1)      The notorious bandit is still at large.

2)      The murderer is still at large.


At stone’s throw:

He lives at stone’s through from my house.


As a result of

As a result of load shedding the students are unable to cope up with their studies.


Afraid of - Having fear

I am afraid of darkness.


At arm’s length - To situated very close
The worst circumstances of our country makes me think that we are at arm’s length to mortality.


At Home:

Hareem feels quite at home on a horse.


At the mercy of:

The poor farmers were at the mercy of the landlord during the drought.


At the eleventh hour – at the last moment

We had to change our program at the eleventh hour due to sudden rain.


As a matter of fact- infact

She says that she has helped me; as a matter of fact she has been a burden.


At a stretch – without stopping

The minister spoke for two hours at a stretch.


Add fuel to the fire (to worsen the matter):

Your remarks during the discussion added fuel to the fire.


At a snail’s pace:

The roads were full of traffic and we were traveling at a snail’s pace.


A storm in a tea cup:

The rain proved to be a storm in a tea cup at his birthday.


Act upon:

He does not act upon his father’s advice.


Account for:

His illness accounts for his absence.

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