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Idioms And Phrase With L

To look after – To take care

Her mother looked after Fatima when she was in severe illness.


To look down upon – To consider somebody inferior

In our country the beggars are looked down upon.


To lay down one’s life – To sacrifice

We should not hesitate to lay down our life for our country.


To look into – To investigate

Ministry should look into this matter of robbery.

To laugh at – To make fun of someone

Today’s politics makes me laugh at it.


Live from hand to moth- to barely manage within one’s resources

Saner works very hard but she lived from hand to mouth.



Lose one’s head – to lose the power of thinking

He always loses his head when he gets angry.


To lay by:

We must lay by something for the future.


To lay down:

We must ready to lay down our lives for our country.


To look after:

1) He looked after my house after their children.

2) Mothers look after their children.


To look down upon:

Nobody should look down upon the poor.


To look for:

He is looking for the missing file.


To look into:

The Chief Justice himself is looking into the matter.


To look forward to:

We are looking forward his marriage.


To look at:

She was looking at the blackboard.


To look up:

Please look up this word in the dictionary.


Little by little:

Little by little she gained a good health.

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