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Idioms And Phrase With E and F

End in smoke

All his efforts ended in smoke for want of money


Every inch (completely)

He is very inch a fool.


To be every inch

He is every inch a gentleman


For the sake of:

He suffered for the sake of his friend.


Few and far between- rare

The politicians visits to their areas after the elections are few and far between.


fall out:

Both the friends fell out with each other for nothing.


To fall flat

My advice fell flat on the students.


To fall upon

Our brave soldiers fell upon their enemies


To fall through

All his schemes fell through for lack of funds.

For good:

He intends to leave Karachi for Lahore for good.


French leave:

1)      Most of the students enjoy French leave these days.

2)      He is on French leave.


Fond of – To have interest

I am fond of reading.

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