What is an Idiom?


An idiom is a phrase or an expression whose meaning can not be guessed by looking at the meaning of the individual words it contains.


Idioms play an important part. Use of idioms lends to the language force, charm and color. In many cases, one would have to write a number of sentences to convey what could be expressed by a single idiomatic phrase. For example, the phrase ‘be in the same has a literal meaning that can be understood easily, but it also has an idiomatic meaning. The idiom the same boat means to be in the same difficult or unfortunate situation.


Some idioms are colorful expressions such as proverbs and sayings.




Too many cooks spoil the broth.

There is no smoke without fire.


Other idioms are short expressions that are fixed in their form.


According to, on account of, on behalf of, etc.


To do away with – To leave

He wants to do to away with smoking.


To build castle in the air – Imaginary success

It’s useless to build the cassette in the air without struggle.

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