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1. Gulf of Tonkin is situated near

(a) China

(b) Thailand

(c) Vietnam

(d) None of these


2. Gulf of Siam is located in

(a) Southern Thailand

(b) North Russia

(c) USA

(d) Northern UK


3. Persian Gulf is located in

(a) Indian ocean

(b) Arabian sea

(c) Red sea

(d) None of those


4. Baffin Bay is located in

(a) Greenland

(b) Northern Canada

(c) Southern Panama

(d) Eastern China


5. Bay of Biscay is situated between

(a) Northern Morocco and Western France

(b) Northern Spain and western France

(c) Southern Italy

(d) None of these


6. Bay of riga is present in

(a) Red sea

(b) Baltic sea

(c) Northern Spain

(d) None of these


7. Hudson Bay is situated in

(a) Northern China

(b) Northern USA

(c) Northern Canada

(d) None of these


8. Which is the largest gulf of the world?

(a) Gull of Mexico

(b) Gulf of Aden

(c) Gulf of Riga

(d) Gulf Sian


9. Which is the largest bay of the world?

(a) Hudson bay

(b) Baffin bay

(c) Bay of Biscay

(d) None of these


10. SharkBay is present in

(a) Canada

(b) Western Australia

(c) Northern USA

(d) None of these


11. Thander bay is present between

(a) Canada and USA

(b) France and England

(c) France and Italy

(d) New Zealand and Australia


12. Gulf of Sidra is present in

(a) Libya

(b) Liberia

(c) Macedonia

(d) None of these


13. Gulf of lion is present in

(a) Italy

(b) France

(c) Germany

(d) UK


14. Maracaibo bay is situated near

(a) Northern Venezuela

(b) South USA

(c) Southern Italy

(d) None of these


15. Baffin Bay is situated between

(a) Canada and USA

(b) Canada and Greenland

(c) Italy and France

(d) None of these


16. What is the Moray’?

(a) Lake

(b) Gulf

(c) Bay

(d) Waterfall


17. BothniaBay is situated between the countries

(a) France and Germany

(b) Sweden and Finland

(c) Italy and Germany

(d) None of these


18. Saint Lawrence bay s situated near

(a) Canada

(b) Cuba

(c) China

(d) Russia

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