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General Geography Section 4

76. What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping?

(a) Alkaline

(b) Acidic

(c) Waterlogged

(d) Soil with excessive clay content


77. Which of the following is the smallest ocean of the world?

(a) Pacific

(b) Indian

(c) Atlantic

(d) Arctic


78. Which one of the following is a metamorphic rock?

(a) Granite

(b) Basalt

(c) Marble

(d) Sandstone


79. According to Simon Winchesters book, how many Tictonic plates are there in the earth?

(a) 15

(b) 29

(c) 32

(d) 36


80. All the following are planetary winds except

(a) Trade winds

(b) The westerlies

(c) Polar winds

(d) The monsoon winds


81. Which one of the following parts of cold deserts and continents is correctly matched?

(a) Atacama …South America

(b) Gobi … Asia

(c) Kalahari …Africa

(d) Great Sandy … Australia


82 The production of rubber tree is better adopted to areas where the climate is

(a) Warm and humid

(b) Warm and dry

(c) Cool and moist

(d) Cool and dry


83. Culf streams are caused by

(a) Cyclones

(b) Temperature

(c) Ocean Pressure

(d) Difference in water level


84. All vital atmospheric process leading to various climatic and weather conditions take place in the

(a) Troposphere

(b) Ionosphere

(c) Exosphere

(d) Stratosphere


85. The minimum land areas recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance is

(a) 25%

(b) 33%

(c) 43%

(d) 53%


86. Which one of the following scholars suggested the earth’s origin from gases and dust particles?

(a) James Jeans

(b) H. Alfven

(c) F. Hoyle

(d) O. Schmidt


87. The theory that refers to an explosion about 10 to 15 billion years ago, which most astronomers believe to be the origin of the Universe, is called

(a) The Red Shift Theory

(b) Relativity Theory

(c) Big Bang Theory

(d) Titanic Theory


88. Black holes are stellar objects which

(a) Emit black body radiation

(b) Have weak gravitational field

(c) Have intense gravitational field

(d) Have intense magnetic field


89. Select the stranger in the group

(a) Cartograms

(b) Multiple bars

(c) Weather maps

(d) Pie diagrams


90. The soil which cracks and shrinks most as it dries is

(a) Clayey soil

(b) Porous soil

(c) Sandy soil

(d) Loamy soil


91. East Timor, is now independent country, before independence it was part of

(a) Taiwan

(b) Malaysia

(c) Thailand

(d) Indonesia


92. Kosovo, is row independent country, before its independence it was part of which of the following countries?

(a) Yugoslavia

(b) Albania

(c) Romania

(d) Bulgaria


93. On the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, the length of day-time on the Antarctic Circle is

(a) 12 hours

(b) 24 hours

(c) Zero hour

(d) 6 hours


94. Which of the following sequences represents correctly the different atmospheric layers from the earth’s surface?

(a) Stratosphere, troposphere. Tropopause, ionosphere

(b) Ionosphere, tropopauso, troposphere, stratosphere

(c) Troposphere, tropopause, stratosphere, ionosphere

(d) Stratosphere, troposphere, ionosphere, tropopause


95. Days and nights are of equal duration on March 21 at

(a) The Tropic of Cancer alone

(b) The Tropic of Equator alone

(c) The Tropic of Capricorn alone

(d) All parallel of latitude


96. Which of the following is the most porous rock?

(a) Basalt

(b) Granite

(c) Sandstone

(d) State


97. Weathering is

(a) Breakdown or disintegration of rocks

(b) Formation of soil by fine sand particles

(c) Breaking of the surface of land by flowing water

(d) Wearing down of rock surface


98. Which type of plants are adapted to grow under drought conditions?

(a) Ptaridophyte

(b) Xerophytes

(c) Troposphytes

(d) Hygrophytes


99. Which of the following is the oldest rock?

(a) Quartizite

(b) Ordovician

(c) Carbonatitles

(d) Cumbrian


100. Which of the following pairs is correct?

City River
(a) Baghdad Tigris
(b) Bonn Danube
(c) Rome Seine
(d) Paris Tiber


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