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General Geography Section 10

226 Which of the following countries in South Asia are land-locked?

(a) Nepal and Bangladesh

(b) Bangladesh and Bhutan

(c) Bhutan and Nepal

(d) Bhutan and Pakistan


227. McMahon line is the border between

(a) India and China

(b) India and Nepal

(c) India and Pakistan

(d) India and Burma


228. Lines drawn parallel to the equator are called

(a) Latitudes

(b) Longitudes

(c) Meridians

(d) None of these


229. Lines joining places of equal temperature are called

(a) Isotherms

(b) Isohytes

(c) Isomeres

(d) Isobars


230. Which types of forests are found in area where low mean annual temperature throughout the year and long cold winter?

(a) Coniferous forest

(b) Broad leaved forests

(c) Dedous forest

(d) Littoral forests


231. Choose the wrong definition

(a) Contour: Areas of equal height above sea level

(b) Isotherms: Area having the same temperature

(c) Isohyets: Equal rainfall areas

(d) Isobars: Equal atmospheric temperature areas


232 Wind blowing in a spiral form around a region of low atmospheric pressure is a

(a) Hurricane

(b) Cyclone

(c) Anticyclone

(d) Tornado


233. Spring tides occur

(a) Only on full Moon day

(b) Only on new Moon day

(c) The day when the Moons position is in its first quarter

(d) Full moon day as well as on new Moon day


234. Spring tides occur on new Moon day and full moon day because on these days

(a) Moon and the Earth are at right angles

(b) Sun, Moon and the Earth are in line

(c) Sun and the Moon are opposite to each other

(d) Moon and the sun are nearer to the Earth


235. When the days and nights are equal the rays of the sun directly fall on the

(a) Equator

(b) Tropic of Cancer

(c) South Pole

(d) North Pole


236. On June 21, the sun is vertically overhead the

(a) Tropic of Capricorn

(b) Equator

(c) Position of the sun is not definite

(d) Tropic of Cancer


237. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the

(a) Shape of the Earth

(b) Revolution of the Earth around the Sun

(c) Rotation of the Earth on its axis

(d) Movement of the Sun


238. What are cyclones?

(a) Sudden, heavy floods

(b) No rain for a long duration

(c) Heavy showers

(d) Violent winds and rain


239. In a tropical cyclone, pressure

(a) Increases towards the center

(b) Decreases towards the center and wind moves in an anticlockwise direction in the northern hemisphere

(c) Does not vary appreciably

(d) First decreases towards the centre and then increases


240. The heaviest rainfall is recorded in

(a) Mediterranean regions

(b) Temperate regions

(c) Equatorial regions

(d) Tropical mountain areas


241. The Mediterranean regions are characterized by heavy rain in

(a) Winter

(b) Summer

(c) Spring

(d) Autumn


242. Planetary winds are those which

(a) Change their direction with the change of season

(b) Change their direction with day and night

(c) Never change their direction

(d) Blow up mountain slopes


243. Which of the following is an igneous rock?

(a) Shale

(b) Quartzite

(c) Marble

(d) Granite


244. Which of the following is an example of sedimentary rock?

(a) Marble

(b) Slate

(c) Limestone

(d) None of these


245. To which kind of rock does marble belong?

(a) Metamorphic

(b) Sedimentary

(c) Plutonic

(d) Volcanic


246. Which of the following types of forests account for most of the total forest area in the world?

(a) Deciduous

(b) Littoral

(c) Broad-leaved

(d) Conferous


247. In which type of climate are coniferous forests found?

(a) Savanna

(b) Mediterranean

(c) Siberian

(d) Hot dessert


248. Which of the following is the icy continent?

(a) Greenland

(b) Antarctica

(c) Australia

(d) None of these


249. The length of the Suez Canal is approximately

(a) 110km

(b) 150km

(c) 160 km

(d) 125 km


250. Which of the following is an example of seasonal winds?

(a) Thunderstorms

(b) Monsoon

(c) Cyclones

(d) Anticyclones

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