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Disabled students were also provided with laptops.


The laptop scheme was formally launched by then chief minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti on February10, 2013 at University of Peshawar during a ceremony by awarding 35 laptops to the position holders of public sector universities and colleges enrolled in four-year programme.
A teacher at a government college said that it would be beneficial for the students if laptops were provided to the computer laboratories. “The hours-long power outages often waste the precious time of students during demonstration in the computer laboratories,” he said.
“The colleges can neither afford electricity generators nor Uninterrupted Water Supply (UPS) for running the computers during the power outages,” the teacher said. In such a situation, he added, the students waited for hours or avoided practical demonstration.
The students would not be affected in the absence of electricity if laptops were provided to the colleges, the teacher said.Dawn.

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