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19. The grassland of Asia is called

(a) Downs

(b) Void

(c) Pampas

(d) Steppes


20. What is horticulture?

(a) Cultivation of flowers and fruits

(b) Growing of small plants

(c) Cultivation of spices

(d) Rearing animals for meat and milk


21. Atacama desert is located in

(a) Chile

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) Peru


22. Which of the following valleys is a rift valley?

(a) The AmazonValley

(b) The ThamesValley

(c) The RhineValley

(d) The MississippiValley


23. Area dominated by trees and shurbs is commonly known as

(a) Woodland

(b) Forest

(c) Shurbland

(d) Greenland


24. How many types of the deserts are in the world?



(c) 6

(d) 7


25. The second largest desert of the world is

(a) Arabian Desert

(b) GobiDesert

(c) SorononDesert

(d) NamibianDesert


26. What is the total area o Sahara desert?

(a) 8000000 sq km

(b) 8200000 sq. km

(c) 8400000 sq km

(d) None of these


27. Karakum desert is located in

(a) Iran-Iraq

(b) Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

(c) China and Mangolia

(d) Russia and China


28. Thar Desert is of which of the following type?

(a) Polar desert

(b) Subtropical desert

(c) Cold winter desert

(d) Temperate desert


29. Majaway desert is located in

(a) Australia

(b) Egypt

(c) USA

(d) UK


30. Namibian desert is situated in

(a) China

(b) Libya

(c) North Africa

(d) None of these


31. Gobi desert is situated in

(a) Mangolia

(b) India

(c) Russia

(d) Syria


32. Rub’al-Khali is the name of

(a) Lake

(b) Plain

(c) Desert

(d) River


33. Taklamakan desert is located in

(a) Mangolia

(b) China

(c) Kazakistan

(d) Russia


34. What is the rank of Thar desert in the world (area wise)?

(a) 8th

(b) 9th

(c) 10th

(d) 11th


35. Which desert of the world is known as friendly desert’?

(a) Thar desert

(b) Sahara desert

(c) Gobi desert

(d) Kalahari desert


36. Death Valley is located in USA in

(a) Michigan

(b) California

(c) Alaska

(d) New York

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