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Conference On Moderation Starts At IIUI


Islamabad:A three day International conference on “Moderation” organized by Shariah Academy of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), with the cooperation of Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) and International Forum for Moderation Jordon commenced at Allama Iqbal Auditorium, Faisal Masjid Campus of the university on Tuesday.
The first session of the conference addressed by the State Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Amin ul Hasnaat, while presiding over the inaugural session said “we would have to discourage the attitude of violence and extremism so that we may get united to fight the challenges of hour.” He added that if Muslim societies follow the attitude of moderation and dialogue, Muslims would never face hurdles in practicing Islam. He also said mutual understanding among Muslim states and toleration are the keys for success of Muslim world.
Rector IIUI Prof Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said Islam does not allow the use of force and coercion to convert people into Islam. He added Islam believes in logics, peaceful pursuance for calling people towards its message and Islam does not allow any particular community to enforce its ideas and views on others. “There is no room of fanaticism, extremism and intolerance in Muslim community, no one has the right to be despotic and authoritarian in his opinion.” Rector IIUI added. Dr. Yasinzai said Islamic history is replete with peaceful co-existing with other religions. He further added International Islamic University from the very first day of its inception endorse the culture of tolerance, the scheme of study has been design in such a way that no particular sect is given privilege to the others.
Secretary General International Forum for Moderation, Jordan Marwan Al-fauri said Jordanian people see the message of tolerance in Iqbal’s poetry. He also quoted Iqbal and discussed his message for Muslims and elaborated the efforts being made by International Forum for Moderation Jordon for the cause of Ummah. Al-Fauri further emphasized to organize more conference worldwide, it is necessary to stick with the unity and moderation to avert the negative propaganda against Islam.
The Assistant Grand Mufti of Oman Dr. Kehlan bin Neyhan Al-Kharoosi while thanking Shariah Academy and International Forum for Moderation Jordon for arranging an important conference said moderation and toleration are the basic and salient features of Islam and both can be an ultimate solution to the problems of Muslims. He stressed that Governments of the Muslim countries should devise strategies for introducing comprehensive plans for application of toleration and moderation in their societies. He was of the view that moderation leads a man towards wisdom and knowledge which can be beneficial for mankind; he further added that tolerance and moderation should be practiced by all human beings to make this world a plant of peace.
Cultural Attaché of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan Dr. Haza Al-Ghamdi said moderation and toleration both are the vital contributor in the progress of Ummah, both can be sources of peace which Islam advocates. He said present challenges should not be dealt with aggression but with prudent thoughts and friendly attitude.
In his inaugural note Director General, Shariah Academy IIUI, Dr. Tahir Mansoori welcomed and thanked all the guests and showed great hope, this conference would prove a vital mile stone to set policy line to remove all the labels of extremism and fundamentalism.
On the occasion acting President IIUI Dr. Bashir Khan, Ambassador of Morocco to Pakistan Mustapha Salahdin, Renowned high profile scholars Secretary General Department of Fatwaw Jordan, Dr. Mhammad Al-Khaliyat, Ex Foreign Minister of Morocco Dr. Saadd ud Din Usmani, Editor of Magazine Al-Touheed Dr. Muhammad Tulabi Morocco, head of department of Shariah University of Jordan Dr. Muhammad Khteeb, General Secretary Frogh-e-Rawadari participated in the first day sessions of the conference.
The Ex- Minister of Auqaf Jordan Dr. Abdul Raheem Al-Akoor, Dr. Tahir Mehmood from Federal Urdu University also addressed while Vice Chancellor Ripha International University Rawalpindi Dr. Anees Ahmed, Dr. Riaz Ahmed Hazara University and Dr. Muhammad Arshad Punjab University Lahore and Dr. Shezad Iqbal Sham presented their papers in first day.
The topics of the conference were “The pre-requisites of Stability in the Society”, “Universal Concept of Fiqh”, “The Tradition of Tolerance in Sub-Continent”, The Differences in Fiqh and Moderation in Sects” and Unity Among Sects.
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