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LG’s Curved TV – A Great Innovative Pace

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In today’s fast changing world where technology is making improvements in every aspect of life, entertainment is an industry that is evolving rapidly and generating products that were even hard to imagine some years ago. LG’s Curved OLED TV can truly be said to be one of these products. Unlike conventional semi-flat or flat screen TVs, it is bent inwards. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Released – A Short Review and Features list

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Samsung one of the toughest competitor of Apple finally released their latest Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 is like Galaxy S4 twin brother with slight difference in the design but lots of extra features has been added in Samsung Galaxy S5. So we will review the design, processor, features, specification and the availability date. Read More »

Usb Toast Hand Warmers

Don’t confuse this gadget as a toaster. This gadget is a handwarmer only in the shape of a toast with a smiley on each one of them. Winters can make you really lazy. You just got feel like leaving your quit or fireplace and just sipping coffee. A lot of times you are too lazy to get up and fetch ... Read More »

3G technology in Pakistan Coming Soon in 2014

Instant Messaging for 3G prepared by mid-February

  3G or Third generation has revolutionized the history of telecommunication industry. It not just only speed-up the communication systems but also added the value to certain services like mobile internet, video calling, live streaming and Iptv through cellular device. 3G spectrum has provided a sufficient bandwidth to the relevant services in order to make them active for use. According ... Read More »

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