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1. Ahmad Shah, the successor of Nadir Shah, founded the ever first unified state in Afghanistan in
a. 1940 AD
b. 1747 AD
c. 1750 AD
d. 1700 AD

2. After Ahmad Shah Dynasty, there rose a competition for control between Russians and __________.
a. British
b. Afghanis
c. Arabs
d. None of these

3. Following the Third Afghan War, Afghanistan gained its independence.
a. 1919
b. 1911
c. 1924
d. 1921

4. Afghanistan gained its independence in 1921 under the leadership of ____________.
a. Jamalu din Afghani
b. Nadir Shah
c. Aman ul Allah
d. None of these

5. Afghanistan is separated from Central Asia by
a. Onus
b. Aral river
c. Caspian sea
d. None of them

6. Zahir Shah ruled Afghanistan from 1933 till 1973 when he was over thrown by ___________.
a. Noor Muhammad Taragai
b. Muhammad Daud
c. Najib Ullah
d. Babrak Karmal

7. After assassination of Daud who came into power in 1978?
a. Babrak Kernal
b. Najib Ullah
c. Noor Muhammad Tarakai
d. Burhanuddin Rebbeni

8. When Pakistan was forced to sever its diplomatic relation with Afghanistan due to unwanted support of Afghan government to Pakhtoonistan issue?
a. 10th October, 1961
b. 15th November, 1961
c. 6th September, 1961
d. 20th December, 1961

9. The former Sovient Union sent its forces in Afghanistan in ______.
a. 1979
b. 1976
c. 1977
d. 1981

10. Who was the ruler of Afghanistan at the time of Soviet invasion?
a. Noor Muhammad Taragai
b. Babrak Karmal
c. Najib Ullah
d. Muhammad Daud

11. When Soviet forces withdrew from Afghanistan?
a. 1987
b. 1989
c. 1985
d. 1986

12. ‘Geneva Accord’ which provided for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was signed on _______.
a. 5th March, 1988
b. 1st, January 1988
c. 14th April, 1988
d. 15th, November, 1988

13. When Taliban regime came into power in Afghanistan?
a. 1992
b. 1995
c. 1996
d. 1994

14. Taliban remained in power from 1996 till 2001. Who was their leader?
a. Mullah Umer
b. Usama bin Ladin
c. Burhenuddin Rabbani
d. HikmetYar

15. Which of the following countries recognized Taliban government in Afghanistan?
a. Saudi Arabia
b. UAE
c. Pakistan
d. All of them

16. What is meant by ‘Loya Jirga”?
a. Ruling Clergy
b. Grand Assembly of ail factors
c. Arbitration Council
d. None of them

17. After Russians left Afghanistan whose government was recognized by UNO?
a. Gulbdin Hikmat Yar
b. Ahmad Shah Masood
c. Burhanuddin Rabbani
d. Rashid Dostum

18. After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre American government accused Taliban regime of supporting Al-Qaeda and other terrorist activities and attacked Afghanistan in ____________.
a. 2000
b. 2001
c. 2002
d. 2003

19. Second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is ___________.
a. Uzbek
b. Tajik
c. Hazaras
d. Tazters

20. After the downfall of Taliban Hamid Karzai was elected as head of state by Loya Jirga on _________.
a. July 20, 2002
b. June 13, 2002
c. August 15, 2002
d. September 10, 2002

21. When Hamid Karzai for the second time was elected as the president of Afghanistan?
a. October, 2003
b. October, 2005
c. November 2009
d. October, 2002

22. When “Good Neighbour Declaration” guaranteeing the country’s independence and territorial integrity was signed?
a. December, 2002
b. November, 2001
c. October, 2001
d. September, 2001

23. Which is the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan?
a. Uzbuk
b. Tajik
c. Pushtuns
d. Hazeras

24. Which of the following provinces of Afghanistan shares border with Pakistan?
a. Paktya
b. Ghazni
c. Qandhar
d. All of them

25. During the 19th century, Afghanistan functioned as buffer state between Russia and ________.
a. China
b. Iran
c. Britain
d. Turkamanistan

26. Buffer state of Asia is the geographical surname of _______.
a. Afghanistan
b. Pakistan
c. Iran
d. Uzbekistan

27. Long boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan was demarcated in ______________.
a. 1893
b. 1896
c. 1890
d. 1885

28. The declared national name of Afghanistan is ________________.
a. Islamic Republic Afghan
b. Daulet Republic Afghanistan
c. Republic of Afghanistan
d. Daulet-e-lslamia Afghanistan

29. On December 1, 2009, US President Barack Obama announced that the US will begin to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan in ____________.
a. January 2012
b. December 2010
c. March 2013
d. July 2011

30. Afghanistan has _________ provinces.
a. 34
b. 25
c. 15
d. 8

31. NATO and Afghanistan signed an agreement in November 2010 in Lisbon to hand over full control of security operations to Afghan forces by the end of __________.
a. 2016
b. 2015
c. 2014
d. 2013

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