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3G technology in Pakistan Coming Soon in 2014

Instant Messaging for 3G prepared by mid-February


3G or Third generation has revolutionized the history of telecommunication industry. It not just only speed-up the communication systems but also added the value to certain services like mobile internet, video calling, live streaming and Iptv through cellular device. 3G spectrum has provided a sufficient bandwidth to the relevant services in order to make them active for use. According to International Telecommunication Unit (ITU), 3G technology makes other generations of mobile and telecommunication equipments (2G) compatible with international standards of International Mobile Telecommunication-2000 (IMT-2000). This practice is aimed to provide highest data rates of at least 200kbits/s. 3G is not only a high speed network but also a system having its own specifications & services which are specially designed for multimedia communication. Key features of the service includes high data transmission rate, flawless global roaming, and facilitate the subscribers to move across the boarders without changing their handsets and numbers.
Pakistan telecommunication industry has fastened their seat belts to warmly welcome the next generation’s technology. Pakistan telecommunication Authority is now prepared with information memorandum (IM) for 3G spectrum auction by the February 2014. Earlier than publicizing the IM for 3G, all the relevant information regarding price of spectrum, criteria for participation in auction, limitations, requisites and modalities would be added to it. Next to that, auction of 3rd generation telecommunication license will be planned in March 2014. PTA will also keep an close eye on the prices of the auction to keep them low; not low to zero but somehow more than the figure zero. The website of PTA will update the stakeholders and subscribers about the progress of spectrum auction. This act will help those internet users who want to know about latest developments regarding the upcoming auctions.
Prior to 3G technologies, our country was dependent upon the copper wired media, commonly known as PTCL broadband to fulfill broadband requirements. WiMax & EVDO based technologies were powerless to fill the gap by smooth replacement of fixed technologies. Consequently, there were only 2.9 million broadband connections in last one decade and 125 million cellular subscriptions during the same span. But now with the imminent 3G spectrum auction, large number of population will be capable to acquire broadband services through high speed wireless data network. Moreover within the one year of acquisition of 3G license at least ten cities are expected to get 3G network. But it should also be kept in view that the rapidity of receiving 3G services will extremely depends upon the auction pricing. If license would be selling at soaring prices, operators will invest low for the up gradation of the services.

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