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17 Karachi Students World Toppers in Cambridge Exams


It is a proud moment for the people of Karachi as 17 students from the city have topped the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in the world. Ninety-nine others topped in the country in various subjects.
The top-of-the-range schools that did the country proud include Beaconhouse School System (BSS), The City School (TCS), Karachi Grammar School (KGS), CAS School, Dawood Public School (DPS), St Michael’s Convent School (SMCS), Foundation Public School (FPS) and The Lyceum School (TLS). Sargodhian Spirit Trust Public School (SSTPS), a charity school based in rural Sindh, was also among the list of high-achievers.
CIE Pakistan Director Uzma Yousuf Zaka congratulated the top-scoring students. “Cambridge schools in Pakistan have worked very hard in supporting the outstanding learners and have made a brilliant future possible for these young people. Families provide the much-needed care and support and are equal partners in this success.”
The top students will be awarded at separate ceremonies hosted at their respective schools. The 17 students who scored the highest marks in their O-, AS- and A-level exams are: Muhammad Ibrahim in Additional Mathematics (FPS), Mohib-ul-Hasan in Biology (Generations School), Ahad Ahmed in Combined Sciences, Saad Mashkoor in English Language (BSS), Sarah Abdul Qadir in English Literature from Haque Academy (HA), Mohammad Farzanullah and Bilawal Samad in Mathematics (BSS), Nida Afzal in Mathematics (DPS), Ayesha Imran in Mathematics (Karachi Public School), Abdul Basit Bhutto and Haya Hidayatullah in Accounting (KGS), Natasha Maria in Religious Studies (Convent of Jesus and Mary), Bushra Mansoor in Urdu (Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School), Raazia Ahtesham in Urdu (St Peter’s High School), Syeda Fatima in Urdu (SMCS), Erum Sohail in Economics (TCS) and Alizeh Sethi in Sociology (FPS).
Among the 99 students who topped in the country are: Alina Rashid (KGS) and Saadia Hussain (HA) in Islamiyat, Shahroz Habib in Computer Studies (Oasys School), Saim Masood in Mathematics (Falconhouse Grammar School), Sidrah Ahmed in Sociology, Saanghar Sindhi in Computer Studies (SSTPS), Abrar Hasan in Economics (SSTPS), Abbas Hasnain in History (KGS), Arfa Masihuddin in English Language (BSS), Zainab Murtaza in General Paper (FPS), Asma Tehreem in Urdu, Hassan Wajid in Accounting (TCS), Erum Sohail in Business Studies (TCS), Zohaib Qureshi in Computing Studies (KGS), Ramsha Khan in Further Mathematics (TLS), Hammad Mansoor Pai and Asim Arif in Geography (KGS), Dureena Khan in Mathematics (TLS), Huda Haroon in Psychology (TLS) and Syed Talal Ahsan in Sociology (BSS).The news.

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